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Education has the power to change lives. It is fundamental to personal development and societal growth. Yet many children and young adults in poor communities lack resources to seek a proper education.


Each scholarship we cover is an average investment of $1000/per year or $89/month per student. For donors who provide funding of more than $1000/per year we can create a named scholarship in your honor.

In return for your generous donation receive:

  • Regular performance reports of your sponsored student including updates on academic progress, extracurricular activities, special achievements and the social impact of your scholarship.

  • Your own named scholarship  –  for example the “ John Doe Scholarship” . Many people are interested in naming a Scholarship, either in memory of a special person, as a project for a professional or social group, or just as something they can do to provide assistance to a bright and deserving student.

  • A high quality professionally designed scholarship certificate bearing your scholarship name printed on archival quality cotton rag paper, perfect to frame and display.

  • Invitation to AkarakA events and networking opportunities.