“Our Aim: To help under-privileged young adults receive a higher education through the financial support of individuals and corporations.”

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    We work in conjunction with educational institutions and NGO’s to identify students who show great promise, but are financially struggling to stay in school.

group of graduates holding diploma

Our first group of 100 scholars graduated in 2014.

Within 6 months, 88 of them had found employment, or gone on to further studies. Further proving that the extra support and mentoring we provide them really does equate to real world success.

Standing on Strangers’ Shoulders
Our Better World

The team at Singapore based, Our Better World, certainly do make it better. They recently travelled to the Philippines to meet with some of the students from our first ever graduating class.

They discussed dreams, aspirations, and how the AkarakA scholarship has helped them on their journey.

So that we could all share this experience Our Better World kindly created this fantastic video that inspires us every day. Watch it now. We promise you’ll love it.

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We would like to thank CrozzBorderz, together with sponsors NOOR Holdings Pte Ltd, IndoChine group Pte Ltd, Latteria Pte Ltd and Mr DC Mulay for their generous contributions towards AkarakA scholar Jerad’s Polytechnic education! A total of $4,810 was raised at the completion of CrozzBorderz’ fund-raising project for AkarakA. Photos were taken at Ricciotti in the presence of Mr Ottavio Gori, Managing Director of NOOR Holdings, Mr DC Mulay, Director of CrozzBorderz, our own Mr Larry Medina, Director of AkarakA with sponsorship recipient, student Jared. Thank you! See MoreSee Less

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